• Sales Tribes Membership Info

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    About Sales Tribes

    • Thank you for your interest to join Sales Tribes.
    • Membership is by application and subject to the Management and Leadership Team’s approval. 
    • Sales Tribes is a Sales Accelerator Platform to help you generate more Leads & Sales.
    • We set up Sales Tribes with the Mission to help our members grow professionally and personally, to be a blessing to them and to be able to do our little part to help them do better for their business and in life.


    Sales Tribes Membership Offer Summary

    • We organize regular Business Networking Events for our Members and Visitors to network and meet more potential prospects and business / referrals partners.
    • We organize regular Training Events for our Members to learn and grow.
    • We offer Resources / Offers that will help your business as and when we have them.
    • You join a BIG Extended family that will be there for you.
    • Details are appended below.


    About Training and Business Networking Events

    • The Events may be either online or offline.
    • You choose the Events to attend and they are not compulsory.
    • Where there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.
    • For example, some Events may have a F&B (Food and Beverage) cost.


    Benefits of Attending

    • Through the events, you will be able to meet more people who are potentially your prospects (who need your products and services) as well as potential Business Partners and / or Referral Partners.
    • The more events you attend, the more people you will meet.


    • Business Partners are those whom you might partner with to do business together.
    • Referral Partners are those whom you work out a Referral Arrangements.


    * Note : you are responsible for your own decisions on which partners to work with.

    We will not interfere if members have disputes between themselves (eg: over business arrangements).



    • We will offer useful and helpful resources to you as and when we have the offer.
    • Example :  we have given out FREE job post before, FREE CRM for 1 year before etc.
    • Resources we give out will have their own terms and conditions when we avail them and you will be informed about it. For example, the FREE job post has a time limit to use it.
    • If there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.


    Professional Conduct

    As this is a Business Membership platform, we expect our members to conduct themselves and their business in a way that is reflective of their professional and business conduct. Broadly,

    • Please exercise Integrity and professionalism in your conduct
    • Do to others what you want them to do unto you
    • Do what you say and say what you do


    Membership Type

    • This is an Individual membership tied to 1 person for 1 company or 1 trade.
    • Membership is not transferable.



    • Renewal is every year at the Prevailing Membership rate at that time.
    • We will inform you in advance before the 1 year is up.
    • We reserve the right not to renewal your membership when it is due.



    • We reserve the right to terminate your membership with immediate effect in the event of either professional, legal or business misconduct and / or complaints by other members against you.
    • Please rest assured that if this should ever happen, the Leadership Team will definitely speak with you to understand the full nature of what happen before making any decisions.


    Referral Fees

    • We give a Referral Fees to our members who enrol other members.
    • We will compute and do a payout on a monthly basis.
    • Please refer to your Invoice for the Referral Fees info.


    Payment Info

    • You can make payment to us according to the Payment Info on the Invoice you will receive.
    • Payment made is not refundable.


    We look forward to work with you to grow your business