GBC Community Membership

    Membership Benefits (Ref: 0323)


    FREE To Join - Global Community Membership and the CORE Global Programs

    • GBC Community Membership is FREE to join.
    • And you get access to the GBC Global Programs and Resources for FREE.
    • This ensures every business and their staff get access to develop their CORE Capabilities and Skills.
    • These are FREE at the Global Community Level.

    * Note : When you join the various Country's Business Chambers Membership, you will have to pay the fees for the respective Country Chambers and their programs.

    Global Membership and Offer Summary

    • We organize regular Business Networking Events for our Members and Visitors to network and meet business / referrals partners.
    • We organize regular Training Events for our Members to learn and grow.
    • We offer Resources / Offers that will help your business as and when we have them.
    • You join a BIG Extended family that will be there for you.
    • Details are appended below.


    About Training and Business Networking Events

    • The Events may be either online or offline.
    • You choose the Events to attend and they are not compulsory.
    • Where there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.
    • For example, some Events may have a F&B (Food and Beverage) cost.


    Benefits of Attending

    • Through the events, you will be able to meet more people who are potentially your Business Partners and / or Referral Partners.
    • The more events you attend, the more people you will meet.
    • Business Partners are those whom you might partner with to do business together.
    • Referral Partners are those whom you work out a Referral Arrangements.

    * Note : you are responsible for your own decisions on which partners to work with.

    We will not interfere if members have disputes between themselves (eg: over business arrangements).




    • We will offer useful and helpful resources to you as and when we have the offer.
    • Example : we have given out FREE job post before, FREE CRM for 1 year before etc.
    • Resources we give out will have their own terms and conditions when we avail them and you will be informed about it. For example, the FREE job post has a time limit to use it.
    • If there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.


    We look forward to work with you to grow your business and develop your potential


  • Learn & Grow Methodology

    Applicable to most of our Core Programs


    Sign Up

    Register for the CORE Program you like. Advisable to join 1 Core Program at a time as you need time to learn & apply.



    Attend Short Onboarding session, meet your Course-mates, find out how to access the resources etc.



    Attend the Self-Directed Learning Modules in the Online Platform (eg: video training) & do the Workbook etc.



    Join the Discussion Group to go thru the Workbook and do P2P (Peer To Peer) Learning (can be online / in-person).



    Last but not least, implement what you learn so that you get results and progress towards your goals.