• A.I. Ready SMEs (AiRS)

    Empowering SMEs to Leverage AI to grow their Business

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  • Lifelong Learning

    AI-Ready SMEs (AiRS) with AI-Ready employees will be more competitive than non-AI-Ready SMEs. 95% of SMEs have adopted digital tools in their operations and only 4% have used AI or machine learning. AI will disrupt competition. SMEs either become exponentially more competitive or be totally crushed by competition. There is no middle ground. Continual learning and innovation to embrace and adopt AI by employees and management is the way for SMEs to move forward.


    SG AI-Ready SME (AiRS) is a network of SMEs that wholeheartedly embraces the idea that Lifelong Learning is the only tool we have. We believe that SG companies have to change our mindset that it is the government’s responsibility to assist us. It is, in fact, our own responsibility to adopt AI to assist us to scale revenues and reduce cost.

  • Core Values

    1) Lead from the front :

    We believe that time committed to learning about AI is an investment that is crucial. We need to continuously understand how AI can help our company increase sales and reduce cost.


    2) Positive Attitude :

    We aspire to form a community that embraces the culture of silicon valley, where the unselfish sharing of knowledge, information and help to a learning community builds a positive culture, builds one’s own reputation and ultimately benefits the members of the community. We share best practices and outcomes & encourage one another to be successful.


    3) Self-Reliant :

    We hope to engage with the government, but we do not depend on it. We are entrepreneurs. We see obstacles as opportunities for growth of new skills in our organisations.


  • AiRS Community

    We are dedicated to building an AI ecosystem focusing on AI applications & deployments, to support and facilitate new ideas with raising industry challenges and sharing best practices.

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    Participate in the following:

    • AI Strategic Networking – for Business and Talents
    • AI Training and Best Practices Sharing
    • AI Events : Summits and Conferences
    • AI Investments, Funding & International Expansion
    • AI Insights & News

    Benefits of Joining:

    • Get to promote their business on the AI Driven “Yellow page”
    • Access to AI products at a Special Price
    • Invitation to exclusive AI events / meet the speakers segments
    • Others  

    Partners and Supporting Organisations

    To date, we have garnered the support of Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) for this initiative and we are looking forward to do a launch event during the Skills Future Festival Month. We are gathering supporting organisations right now even as we speak.

  • Invitation to join as Founding Members

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    We invite you to join the community as AiRS Founding Member, Mentor or Supporter.

    • Provide strategic guidance and expertise to shape the vision and direction of the AiRS community.
    • Offer insights and advice based on their experience and knowledge in relevant fields.
    • Participate as a Committee Member to help grow the Community.
    • Act as ambassadors for the community, leveraging their networks and influence to promote its initiatives and attract members.
    • Play a critical role in establishing the credibility and reputation of the business community within relevant industries or sectors.
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