• About Singapore Business Chamber



    The Singapore Business Chamber (SGBC) is the inaugural first Country Chamber to be set up and serve as the blueprint for other Chambers to model after. The Vision is to set up various country chambers to serve the businesses and SMEs in that country with the programs that GBC has and rolls out. As a small country nation, Singapore is susceptible to the waves of regional and global politics. We faces challenges like manpower shortages and high cost of doing businesses (wages, supplies etc).

    Programs and Initiatives

    Besides running the programs by Global Business Chambers (GBC), SGBC is also doing
    Global Business Chambers is incorporated to be the Transformational Catalyst for SMEs globally - to provide training, support and resources to develop their business model, capabilities and talent to thrive and grow even in the midst of global challenges.

    Local Programs and Initiatives

    Our Mission is to empower and enable SMEs globally to develop their capabilities with our unique programs and to inspire them to be a force of good, giving back to the communities that they operate in.


    We see a Global Community where our members support and help each other, collaborate and grow their business together.
    Our Members and their Staff are doing well in all key areas of their life.
    They enjoy the work they are doing, they are developing and growing daily and they enjoy peace & harmony at home and great productivity & results at work.