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    Sales Tribes helps to Connect Businesses Together to Explore New Deals & Opportunities, Joint Marketing & Referrals

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    Strategic Alliance Case Study Example : ASTech Formed SMART i4.0 Transformation Alliance (SiTA) with 14 International and Local Companies to launch the SiTA i4.0 Transformation & Integrated Solutions for Precision Engineering Sector

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    Don't Fight the Business Battle alone, join forces and fight Stronger as a Tribe

    Here at Sales Tribes, we provide a Networking Platform where businesses can connect and explore if they are able to Collaborate, form a Referral Marketing Alliance, form a Business Partnership or join a Tribe to take their business to the next level.


    A Sales Tribe is formed when Businesses come together to formally collaborate, partner up and / or form a Strategic Alliance to go to market and refer business to each other. The Sales Tribes Platform facilitates the forming of the various Sales Tribes.

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    Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something. It is usually informal and is the first level of working with another business for a common goal or objective.


    Project Collaboration Example :

    If a Digital Agency gets a huge contract from a client that covers services it could not deliver, it can choose to "Collaborate" with the right partner to deliver the services it does not have. Eg: the Digital Agency can collaborate with a Video Production House to produce Video Marketing Content for a Client as part of the overall Digital Marketing Plan.


    Marketing Collaboration Example :

    2 or more companies who are reaching out to the same market / target customers can collaborate to do joint marketing. They can pool their budget to do online ads and joint events to get leads. They can also refer business to each other when the opportunities arise.

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    An Alliance is a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between organizations. SiTA is a good example of this.


    Project Alliance Example :

    The SMART i4.0 Transformation Alliance (SiTA) with 14 International and Local Companies to deliver the SiTA i4.0 Transformation & Integrated Solutions for Precision Engineering Sector. So when a client wants to set up a SMART Factory, SiTA will be able to provide a 1 Stop Hub Solutions for all the SMART Factory needs. SiTA members can also tender for bigger projects easily by leveraging off each other's expertise.


    Marketing Alliance Example :

    We can form Strategic Alliance between companies or businesses that has common interests to do "Business Referrals" and "Strategic Marketing". We call this strategic alliance as Sales Tribes.


    Example # 1 : Businesses targeting SMEs for Digital Solutions. A Digital Agency can combine force with a Web / App Design Coy, a Web Hosting Coy, an Email Marketing Coy, a System Integrator, a IT Security Coy, Video Production Firm, various Software Companies etc to form a Strategic Alliance that will provide Digital Solutions to SMEs as well as to give referrals to each other on a need to basis.


    Example # 2 : Businesses targeting School Children in a specific area. A tuition center can combine force with a Language school, an Art School and Stationery Shop targeting Primary School Children to do Joint Marketing as well as Business Referral to each other on an Active basis.


    Example # 3: Businesses targeting Home Owners. An Interior Design (ID) Coy can combine force with an Architecture Firm, Landscaping Firm, Plant Nursery, Lighting & Fan Business, Home Renovation Coy, Home Supplies Coy targeting New Home Owners to do Joint Marketing as well as Business Referral to each other on an Active basis.


    Example # 4: Professional Services Businesses like Audit Firm, Company Secretary, Law Firm, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants etc can also form a Strategic Alliance Group to do Joint Marketing as well as Business Referral to each other on an Active basis.



    >> There are many many other ways to form various Strategic Alliance Groups to go to market together and to win together.


    >> The Sales Tribes platform is to facilitate the forming up of these various groups into Sales Tribes.

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    A partnership is a merger of individual interests for mutual profit.

    A formal partnership is an arrangement between two or more people to oversee business operations and share its profits and liabilities.


    Project & Marketing Partnership Example # 1 :

    A group of Company Secretaries each specializing in certain groups of clients (eg: Overseas Businesses, MNC, SMEs, Legal etc) come together to form a BIG Partnership that delivers 1 stop Corp Sec Services. Each partner handle their own business but they also have profit share arrangements from the Partnership Deals. As a Group, they pool money to rent a bigger office and to hire a pool of Admin Staff to help them handle the paperwork. Common resources like photocopier are shared amongst all partners - lowering the cost of business.


    Project & Marketing Partnership Example # 2 :

    An Accounting Firm, Audit Firm and a Tax Firm combine force to form a new Partnership that offers all the services they under 1 Firm.


    Usually for Partnership, when they come together, they will handle both Projects and Marketing Matters as Partners. They may eventually form a separate company to handle all the financial matters etc.