• GBC Community Membership

    Membership Terms and Rules (Ref: 0323)


    About GBC Community Membership

    • Thank you for your interest to join Global Business Chambers (GBC) Community Membership.
    • We set up GBC with the Mission to help our members and their staff grow professionally and personally, to be a blessing to them and to be able to do our little part to help them do better for their business and in life.
    • We do this by offering the core suite of programs and services that we believe will help them develop themselves and their business.


    FREE To Join - Global Community Membership and the CORE Global Programs

    • GBC Community Membership is FREE to join.
    • And you get access to the GBC Global Programs and Resources for FREE.
    • This ensures every business and their staff get access to develop their CORE Capabilities and Skills.
    • These are FREE at the Global Community Level.

    * Note : When you join the various Country's Business Chambers Membership, you will have to pay the fees for the respective Country Chambers and their programs.

    Membership Type

    • This is an Individual membership tied to 1 person.
    • Membership is not transferable.


    Global Membership and Offer Summary


    • We organize regular Business Networking Events for our Members and Visitors to network and meet business / referrals partners.
    • We organize regular Training Events for our Members to learn and grow.
    • We offer Resources / Offers that will help your business as and when we have them.
    • You join a BIG Extended family that will be there for you.
    • Details are appended on Member's Benefits Page and Programs Page.
    • If there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.



    Community Members Professional Conduct & Rules

    As this is a Business Membership platform, our focus is on your professional development.


    We expect our members to conduct themselves and their business in a way that is reflective of their professional and business conduct. Broadly,

    • Please exercise Integrity and professionalism in your conduct
    • Do NOT solicit for sales
    • Do NOT recruit other members for your business
    • Do NOT Spam other members with your products services


    • Termination
    • We reserve the right to terminate your membership with immediate effect in the event of either professional, legal or business misconduct and / or complaints by other members against you; or when you breach the above Rules (eg: do not spam other members)


    We look forward to work with you to grow your business and develop your potential