• About Global Business Chambers



    The post covid Business World will be a more challenging one. With the Great Recession looming ahead, high inflation, geo-political tensions, SMEs need to be more prepared than ever, to find ways to collaborate and build strong business alliances to thrive and overcome the challenges ahead.


    Global Business Chambers (GBC) is incorporated to be the Transformational Catalyst for SMEs globally - to provide training, support and resources to develop their business model, capabilities and talent to thrive and grow even in the midst of global challenges.


    Our Mission is to empower and enable SMEs globally to develop their capabilities with our unique programs and to inspire them to be a force of good, giving back to the communities that they operate in.


    We see a Global Community where our members support and help each other, collaborate and grow their business together.
    Our Members and their Staff are doing well in all key success areas and live a fulfilling life.
    They enjoy the work they are doing, they are developing and growing daily and they enjoy peace of mind, harmony at home and great productivity at work.

    Business Chamber in all countries

    We plan to set up Local Business Chambers in Countries all over the world.
    These Country Business Chambers will act as the local voice for the businesses in that country,
    While promoting and implementing the Global Programs and Initiatives at the Country Level.
    For eg : the Leadership Programs we developed, will be implemented by the various country's Business Chambers Committee.

    Our Unique Philosophy

    While most Chambers of Commerce globally charges a membership fee to join, over at Global Business Chambers, we believe in giving the basic Community Membership free so that everyone has the opportunity to get access to the most important and critical business programs that will help them and their business and their people (staff and employees) grow and succeed.

    Our Global Structure

    Global Business Chambers is made up of the various Country Business Chambers and act as a Platform to facilitate SME and Talent Development, Trade and Collaboration intra and inter countries.
    Every Country will be sub-divided by state or region, and then by the various Business Chapters set up within that state or region.
    We also have leaders running the various Special / Social Interests Groups (SIG) that will organize activities for members in the various chapters (eg : Hiking Group will organize hiking where members from various chapters can join in).

    Our Global Programs and Initiatives

    When you join GBC as a Community Member, you get access to the following Core Programs to develop your busines and people:
    • Sales PR Program to generate more quality leads and sales for the business
    • Goals Setting Workshop to set and achieve your goals
    • Leadership Development Program - for Boss & Senior Mgmt, Managers and Staff
    • SME PMEBs Wellbeing Program - we carry out wellness programs for SMEs staff as they usually do not get access to such programs, unlike MNCs and Corporations


    You will get access to:

    • Regular Training & Workshops on the latest business and self-development topics
    • Library of 3V Free Resources like : Videos, Voice (Podcasts) and Visuals (Articles)
    • Invitation to our Business and Social Networking Events