• Ongoing Programs & Initiatives

    These are ongoing programs and activities we organize for our members to ensure continuous improvements. Success is the Progressive Realization of Worthwhile Personal Goals.

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    We conduct regular training development workshops and webinars to help you develop professionally

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    We organize regular busines and social networking to connect our members and to reach out to new friends

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    Book Club

    We organize book club where we form small groups to read and discuss a book of our interests for our group

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    We organize regular Wellness programs for our members & staff (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial)

  • Global Business Chambers

    is the Catalyst for your Business Breakthrough & Success



    Sign up and join our Onboarding Training



    Attend Core Programs, learn and implement



    Continuous Improvements

  • Core Programs

    We have 4 main Core Programs to power up your business

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    Sales PR


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    Goals Setting


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  • We help our members achieve better business results

    and live a more balanced enriching life

    With the right support, training & resources at different stages of your business

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    We share best practices from top businesses and entrepreneurs for you to adapt them to your business



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    Incorporate training, mentoring methodologies and resources from top organizations with proven track records



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    We blend these Best Practices and Resources Into an Implementation Framework to make your dreams a reality



  • CORE Programs and Initiatives



    When you join GBC as a Community Member,


    You get access to the following Core Programs to develop your busines and staff:
    • Sales SPEARS Program to generate more quality leads and sales for the business
    • Training Workshop to set and achieve your goals
    • Strategic Networking to meet right partners for growth
    • Leadership Program - for Boss & Senior Mgmt, Managers and Staff
    • SME PMEBs Wellness Program - we carry out wellness programs for SMEs staff as they usually do not get access to such programs, unlike MNCs and Corporations


    You will get access to Resources:

    • Regular Training & Workshops on the latest business and self-development topics
    • Library of 3V Free Resources like : Videos, Voice (Podcasts) and Visuals (Articles)
    • Invitation to our Business and Social Networking Events


    Sales SPEARS Program

    In various surveys we do, Growing the Sales is the # 1 Needs of more than 90% of businesses, compared to 86% before Covid


    With Ad Cost increasing on a daily basis, many companies want to know how else to generate sales without spending more Ad dollars


    In the Sales SPEAR Program, you will discover the 5 Pillars to generate more Quality Leads organically without paid ads and grow your sales:


    S = Sales Systems
    P = Prospecting & Content Marketing
    E = Execution & Follow Up
    A = Attitude & Habits
    R = Referral & Word of Mouth
    S = Skills & Capability Development

    Goals Setting and Action Planning Workshop

    Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile personal goals.
    • Having a clear goal helps us to stay focus, harness energy and overcome challenges when things go tough.
    • But while goals setting is a common knowledge and domain and proven to help individuals achieve more in their career and life.
    • The challenge is the discipline to do the Review, Planning and Implementation of the Goals Setting Process.
    We activate the process for you by going through an interactive workshop to develop and set your goals.


    Goals Setting Workshop Synosis:

    • Review Life Stages and Milestones
    • Identify Patterns and Seasons
    • Core Values Identification (Guiding Principles and Motivators)
    • Conduct Personal Assessment
    • Craft out Preferred Future
    • Vision Casting + Focused Projection
    • Crystallize our Purpose and Mission
    • Set your SMART Goals
    • Write up your Plan of Action (POA)
    • How to Cascade to your Action Plan (AP)

    Leadership Development Program

    A business can only grow as fast and as strong as the ability, capacity and capability of the boss, managers and staff.
    • And the key to increase this is through leadership and skills development.
    • A good Leader motivates others to achieve something new and better.
    • They help to create a vision and rally people around a common cause.
    • Leaders possess the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively.
    • A good Leader provides guidance, inspiration, and motivation to his team and help them achieve their goals.


    A quick survey will show that most SMEs do not have the time, capacity, resource and cash to develop the leadership competency of their talent and workforce.


    This workshop is designed to activate the process of developing a self-directed motivated leader who will start to take charge of their life, career and business through an interactive : learn, apply, review and grow process.


    Leadership Workshop Synosis:


    Day 1

    Module 1 - Attitude

    Module 2 - Personal Growth

    Module 3 - Priorities


    Day 2

    Module 4 - Relationships

    Module 5 - My Most Important Relationship

    Module 6 - From Good Intentions to Good Actions

    Module 7 - From Success to Significance

    Wellness Self-Care Programs

    Most SMEs staff do not get access to Wellness and Self-Care programs, unlike MNCs and Corporations where there are budgets set aside for this. As a result, many talent go work for these bigger companies for the prospects and perks they offer.
    For an SME to be more competitive and attractive to their potential hire and current workforce retention, incorporating a nice Wellness cum Self-Care program to look after the well-being of their staff is one of the key HR strategies that they can do esaily without bursting their budget.


    We incorproate the best practices from these big MNCs and Corporations and tailor them in to something that will benefit the SMEs

    Survey shows that there are 4 key drivers of personal Well-being, and we organize and run programs for your staff in these critical areas:

    • Mental Wellness
    • Emotional Wellness
    • Physical Wellness
    • Financial Wellness

    There are 4 other areas that we address via our other programs

    • Intellectual Wellness - via book club where we read a book of interest and learn together
    • Social Relational Wellness - via our Networking events and SIG - Special Interest Groups
    • Occupational Workplace Wellness - via our training and online self-pace learning programs
    • Spiritual Wellness - via our SIG - Special Interest Groups

    Our Unique Philosophy

    While most Chambers of Commerce globally charges a membership fee to join, over at Global Business Chambers, we believe in giving the basic Community Membership free so that everyone has the opportunity to get access to the most important and critical business programs that will help them and their business and their people (staff and employees) grow and succeed.

    Business Chamber in all countries

    We plan to set up Local Business Chambers in Countries all over the world.
    These Country Business Chambers will act as the local voice for the businesses in that country,
    While promoting and implementing the Global Programs and Initiatives at the Country Level.
    For eg : the Leadership Programs we developed, will be implemented by the various country's Business Chambers Committee.

    Our Global Structure

    Global Business Chambers is made up of the various Country Business Chambers and act as a Platform to facilitate SME and Talent Development, Trade and Collaboration intra and inter countries.
    Every Country will be sub-divided by state or region, and then by the various Business Chapters set up within that state or region.
    We also have leaders running the various Special / Social Interests Groups (SIG) that will organize activities for members in the various chapters (eg : Hiking Group will organize hiking where members from various chapters can join in).
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  • How Global Business Chambers can Help You

    When you join GBC, you get access to tailored programs, trainings and resources to develop yourself, your team and your business. All members will get access to the following:

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    Leadership Development Program

    To Develop your fullest Potential

    We have a 1 day Leadership Summit to develop your Leadership Skills to lead yourself and your business in a most Effective Way. This program is customized for : (1) Business Owners and Senior Management (2) Managers and (3) Staff.

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    Wellness & Resilience Program

    To Ensure Staff Well-being and Self-Care

    Most SMEs do not have progams in place to take care of the staff mental wellbeing and self-care. GBC has in place Wellness Program to boost the PMEB resilience, develop tenacity and achieve better mental wellbeing.

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    Grow Your Sales Challenge

    Using the Sales PR Framework

    This is a FREE Training on how to generate more qualified leads and sales for your business using the Sales CPR Framework.


    C = Content to Nurture & Engage Prospects.

    PR = Prospecting (Cold) and Referral (Warm).


    In this Online Training, we will show you the tools and strategies to get more qualified leads and sales. This training is done in collaboration with SME Challenge.

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    Training & Lifelong Learning

    To achieve Personal & Business Mastery

    We organize regular training workshops for our members and their staff to equip them in the various skills sets they need to do better sales. We also have motivational training to energize and encourage you so that you can keep your momentum going even in tough times.

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    Business Networking

    To get Leads and Potential Collaboration Partners

    We organize regular Business Networking to give you the opportunity to meet potential clients and partners. You will be able to meet like minded and highly motivated sales professionals and CEOs and expand your network, influence and connection.

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    Referral Marketing

    To get Warm Leads

    You can form Strategic Alliance to do Referral Introductions to each other on a structured, guided and consistent basis. This also allows you to do cross selling and work with your Strategic Partners to pitch jointly for bigger projects and deals.

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    Community & Connection

    To Develop Business Connections

    Please join our Business Community to meet more people, prospects, potential clients and customers as well as potential business partners. As we expand our network, you will also be able to others globally and open more doors of opportunities for international deals.