• New Members Checklists

    To maximize your GBC Community Membership

    To maximize your GBC Community Membership


    Thank you for joining our Global Community. This simple Checklist will help you maximize your membership and make the most out of it.




    • Watch the Members Video
    • Join the New Members online Orientation (Event Tab)
    • Invite your business contacts to join using your own unique link
    • Customize your unique link and set up QR Code


    About Training and Business Networking Events

    • The Events may be either online or offline.
    • You choose the Events to attend and they are not compulsory.
    • Where there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.
    • For example, some Events may have a F&B (Food and Beverage) cost.


    Benefits of Attending

    • Through the events, you will be able to meet more people who are potentially your Business Partners and / or Referral Partners.
    • The more events you attend, the more people you will meet.
    • Business Partners are those whom you might partner with to do business together.
    • Referral Partners are those whom you work out a Referral Arrangements.

    * Note : you are responsible for your own decisions on which partners to work with.

    We will not interfere if members have disputes between themselves (eg: over business arrangements).




    • We will offer useful and helpful resources to you as and when we have the offer.
    • Example : we have given out FREE job post before, FREE CRM for 1 year before etc.
    • Resources we give out will have their own terms and conditions when we avail them and you will be informed about it. For example, the FREE job post has a time limit to use it.
    • If there are any fees involved, we will inform you in advance.


    We look forward to work with you to grow your business and develop your potential


  • Learn & Grow Methodology

    Applicable to most of our Core Programs


    Sign Up

    Register for the CORE Program you like. Advisable to join 1 Core Program at a time as you need time to learn & apply.



    Attend Short Onboarding session, meet your Course-mates, find out how to access the resources etc.



    Attend the Self-Directed Learning Modules in the Online Platform (eg: video training) & do the Workbook etc.



    Join the Discussion Group to go thru the Workbook and do P2P (Peer To Peer) Learning (can be online / in-person).



    Last but not least, implement what you learn so that you get results and progress towards your goals.