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  • What We Do

    getting you to listen and participate

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    public awareness on
    stress and mindfulness

    We invite people from all walks of life, from the working adult to a parent, corporate representatives to community leaders, to join in our continuing efforts to share the importance of a positive mental well-being, to be mindful, and the capability to develop the skills to handle stress in our daily lives.

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    "experience" workshops on our main concepts

    We conduct complimentary workshops to organisations, corporates, enterprises and groups of individuals, to introduce the importance of maintaining a healthy, alert mind and its cognitive functions, and to experience the stress-reducing concepts of mindfulness

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    programs on brain training and mental wellness

    Effective short-term workshops and long-term training programs on mindfulness, attention, alertness and overall mental wellness, using the latest technological concepts and breakthrough theories researched from established global leaders of their respective fields of expertise.

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