• Build your Network with GBC


  • Build your Network with GBC

    One of the critical success factor (CSF) for the modern business and entrepreneur is the ability to build their network, connections and influnce as they build their business. As you reach out to more and more prospects, the ability to keep warming them up and making them a Referral Source becomes very important.

    GBC helps you build your connections

    After you sign up:

    • Click on your profile icon / photo at the top right side of the page
    • Click personal setting
    • Click : INVITE
    • Copy this link to share with your network and all sign up can be traced back to you
    • You can also email to people from that INVITE Page too


    You can also Shorten the sign up link by doing it at : https://tinyurl.com/

    • Paste your invite link
    • Shorten it
    • Download your QR Code


    You can use the short link / QR Code to invite your other network and contacts to join


    You can refer to the visual instructions below: