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    SG – AI-Ready SME (AiRS)

    Lifelong Learning Community



    Lifelong learning and a positive collaborative attitude to innovate are the SME’s most powerful tool to cope of AI disruption in the foreseeable future. Of the 95% of SMEs that have adopted digital tools In their operations, only 4% have used AI or machine learning. *


    AI will disrupt competition. SMEs either become exponentially more competitive or be totally crushed by competition. There is no middle ground. Continual learning and innovation to embrace and adopt AI by employees and management is the way for SMEs to move forward.


    Lifelong learning is not the Government’s Burden – SG AI-Ready SME (AiRS) is a network of SMEs that wholeheartedly embraces the idea that Lifelong Learning is the key tool we have, to stay ahead of the curve. We believe that SG companies have to change our mindset that it is the government’s responsibility to assist us. It is, in fact, our own responsibility to adopt AI to assist us to scale revenues and reduce cost.



    • SMEs can seek government help to embark on AI, sustainability journey: panellists
    • Singapore Business Times. Tue, Mar 19, 2024


    AiRS Vision

    (1) We bring together SMEs that are determined not just to survive but to thrive as AI disrupts the economy

    (2) We will thrive because we desperately learn and passionately collaborate

    (3) We are driven by enlightened self-interest that motivates us to create commercial and non-commercial value for each other and our customers


    AiRS Mission

    We are dedicated to:

    • building an AI ecosystem
    • focusing on AI applications & deployments,
    • to support and facilitate new ideas
    • raising industry standards
    • and sharing best practices


    AiRS Core Values

    We are an Organic Ground Up Community:


    Lead from the front : We believe that time committed to learning about AI is an investment that is crucial. We need to continuously understand how AI can help our company increase sales and reduce cost.


    Positive Attitude : We aspire to form a community that embraces the culture of silicon valley, where the unselfish sharing of knowledge, information and help to a learning community builds a positive culture, builds one’s own reputation and ultimately benefits the members of the community. We share best practices and outcomes & encourage one another to be successful.


    Self-Reliant : We hope to engage with the government, but we do not depend on it. We are entrepreneurs. We see obstacles as opportunities for growth of new skills in our organisations.

  • GBC AiRS Membership

    AI - Ready SMEs | Membership Terms and Rules (Ref: 0624)

    SG – AI-Ready SME (AiRS)

    Lifelong Learning Community


    About GBC Community Membership

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    Global Membership and Offer Summary


    • We organize regular Business Networking Events for our Members and Visitors to network and meet business / referrals partners.
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    Community Members Professional Conduct & Rules

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    We expect our members to conduct themselves and their business in a way that is reflective of their professional and business conduct. Broadly,

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    • Termination
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    We look forward to work with you to grow your business and develop your potential