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  • # 1 Problem : How to Increase Sales and Business ?

    Most Sales Professionals & Business Owners face the following problems... 

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    Quality Leads

    How to generate more qualified leads on a consistent basis

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    How to have strategic alliance to do mutual referral & cross selling

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    Digital Marketing

    How to leverage tech & digital marketing to get more leads

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    Sales Skills

    How to develop better skills, habits, routines & discipline

  • How Sales Tribes can Help You

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    Grow Your Sales Challenge

    Using the Sales CPR Framework

    This is a FREE Training on how to generate more qualified leads and sales for your business using the Sales CPR Framework.


    C = Content to Nurture & Engage Prospects.

    PR = Prospecting (Cold) and Referral (Warm).


    In this Online Training, we will show you the tools and strategies to get more qualified leads and sales.

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    Business Prospecting

    To get Leads and Potential Partners

    We organize regular Business Networking to give you the opportunity to meet potential clients and partners. You will be able to meet like minded and highly motivated sales professionals and CEOs and expand your network, influence and connection. 

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    Referral Marketing

    To get Warm Leads

    You can form Strategic Alliance to do Referral Introductions to each other on a structured, guided and consistent basis. This also allows you to do cross selling and work with your Strategic Partners to pitch jointly for bigger projects and deals.

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    Training & Development

    To achieve Personal & Business Mastery

    We organize regular training workshops for our members to equip them in the various skills sets they need to do better sales. We also have motivational training to energize and encourage you so that you can keep your momentum going even in tough times.

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    Community & Connection

    To Develop Business Connections

    Please join our Sales Tribe Community to meet more people, prospects, potential clients and customers as well as potential business partners. As we expand our network, you will also be able to others globally and open more doors of opportunities for international deals.

  • We welcome you to join Sales Tribes Community